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    I started blogging about films in 2011. At first I just wanted to write a few sentences about any movie I saw as a way to track what I was watching, but the blog quickly morphed into something else. I got really interested in specific areas of filmmaking: how different directors block scenes and the subtext which that blocking adds; how different filmmakers edit (or don't) within scenes; how mise-en-scène supports story; eyelines and complex coverage.


    I also quickly realized what should have been obvious all along: that by writing in detail about certain films I gained a much deeper understanding of them and could more precisely define why I liked them.


    Most importantly, I've gotten to better understand myself as a filmmaker - my goals, style, and themes - through consistent analysis in my blog posts.

    I no longer write about every film I see, but I try to hit the ones that resonate.


    My blog is called DCPFilm because that was the name of my first, now defunct production company - Discreet Charm Productions. It was a reference to Luis Buñuel, one of my favorite directors, and his The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie.