• I'm a writer, director and teacher from Philadelphia.


    My recent short films,The Well and Together are currently on their festival runs. The Well had its world premiere at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival in July, 2020 where it won an Honorable Mention. Together premiered at Cinefantasy in April, 2021. Other newly completed short films Rat and Spider Baby are on their way into the world.


    My 2011 feature film debut Second Story-Man had its premiere at Cinequest 21 and the Shanghai International Film Festival. In 2014 I made my second independent feature. Crooked & Narrow premiered at the Brooklyn Film Festival where it won the award for best editing.


    When I was younger, before I ever thought of film, I wanted to be a poet. I was a terrible poet, but I still love to write. My screenplays have placed in a variety of prestigious competitions, including American Zoetrope, Austin, Final Draft Big Break, Cinequest and BlueCat.


    A primary goal I have as a writer and director is to make fresh, elevated genre films that I feel personally connected to. I'm in development on three of those. Together is a horror film that deals with the lingering effects of the partition of India and Pakistan. The Pit is a horror film set around the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. Dark My Light is a science-fiction thriller about grief and manic love.


    From 2017-2021 I lived in Prague with my wife Kat and dog Ike, where I taught directing at Prague Film School.


    I love teaching like I love filmmaking. I've taught directing, screenwriting, producing, editing and film analysis courses at universities in Pennsylvania, New York and Prague. My main areas of focus are on blocking techniques and methods of working with actors, and film history and analysis. I hold out hope that all of my students will love Happy as Lazzaro as much as I do.


    In 2022 I will launch Wandering Cinema with Kat and filmmaker and friend Mika Johnson. Wandering Cinema is an annual film retreat designed for participants to look beyond the surface of cinema.


    When not working with film, I'm a father to baby Petra (well...I'm a father even when I'm working with film), a runner, scotch enthusiast, music lover with no talent for music, and baseball fan.


    Contact me at neal.dhand@gmail.com.

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